Machimoi Peltastai
(Native Egyptian Light Skirmishers)
Caet iberia
Unit type Javelin Infantry
Base cost
Ramping cost
Creation time
Hit points
Line of sight
Movement speed
Attack strength
Attack range
Population cost
Created at Peasant Dwellings
Prerequisites Level 1 Reforms
Upgrades from Akontistai
Upgrades to none
Available to Ptolemaic Egyptians


Historically, the Machimoi were a caste of low-ranked native Egyptian warriors which served to the Ptolemaic kingdom. The Ptolemaic rulers mainly relied on Greek settlers to provide the core of their army, but soon enough there was a manpower shortage. The answer to this problem were the Machimoi who were levied en masse and trained to fight in Hellenistic fashion.

History variant 2Edit

Just reuse the description of Machimoi Epilektoi as it is more comprehensive and descriptive.