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The Nabataeans have the Power of Commerce. They replace the Nubians.

Newcomers on the world stage, the Nabataeans have long been nomads, traders and plunderers until the burgeoning trade in incense with the Greeks began to show great dividends for those able to obtain a slice of the action, and as a result the Nabataeans have been compelled to settle down in the arid mountains and plains that like scattered in the desert across the Red Sea from Egypt, and have begun to make their presence felt even in Judaea and Syria.

Trade is the lifeblood of the Nabataean faction, and the Nabataeans have a knack for insinuating themselves as the middlemen in a world waking up to the possibilities offered by trade, but even then do not assume that they have gone soft like most shopkeepers, for the Nabataeans like most Arabs have long been a martial race, capable of raising all manner of units, from formidable spearmen and axe-armed raiders all the way to shock cavalry.

National bonusesEdit

  • Trade Routes: Merchants collect 50% bonuses from rare resources
  • Eastern Connections: See all rare resource in your territory
  • Commercial Aspirations: Starts game with Market, and can trade resources from the start
  • Master Financiers: always trade resources with +20/-20 price bonus
  • Walkers of the Dunes: Merchants, Caravan and Markets 50% cheaper and 50% more hitpoints
  • Men In the Middle: +1 limit to number of caravans


  • Aretas
  • Huldu
  • Shuqailat
  • Obodas
  • Malichus
  • Hubal
  • Rabbel
  • Zabibe
  • Samsi
  • Tabua


  • Petra
  • Hegr
  • Gerasa
  • Gaza
  • Nessana
  • Dumatha
  • Bostra
  • Humeima
  • Gerrha
  • Elusa
  • Mampsis
  • Leuce Come
  • Aila
  • Sobota
  • Tadmor
  • Reheiba
  • Mard