Pedites Extraordinarii
(Roman Elite Sword Infantry)
Pedites extraordinarii icon
Unit type Sword Infantry
Base cost 40 Food Food, 60 Wealth Wealth,

40 Metal Metal

Ramping cost 3 Wealth Wealth
Creation time 17.6 seconds
Hit points 290
Line of sight 8
Movement speed 24
Attack strength 28
Attack range 0-0
Armour 19
Population cost 1 Population Population
Created at Noble Residence
Prerequisites none
Upgrades from none
Upgrades to Cohors Evocata
Available to Romans

The pedites extraordinarii are Rome's elite heavy swordsmen. Well-trained and well-protected, these men are expensive but effective. Their equipment is of Greek influence, with a bronze muscled cuirass, helmet, aspis shield and a kopis slashing sword.


Historically, the pedites extraordinarii were the best fifth of the socii infantry and were selected to serve as a special unit.


Their unit model was changed in The Hellenistic Era 0.11.