Unit type Heavy ship
Base cost
Ramping cost
Creation time
Hit points  ?
Line of sight
Movement speed
Attack strength  ?
Attack range  ?
Armour Respectable
Population cost
Created at Dock
Upgrades from  ?
Upgrades to  ?
Available to All


In the Hellenistic Era, the position of the Triremis as the backbone was usurped by an even heavier and more powerful vessel — the "Five" or Quinquiremis. Although the Quinquiremis or Penteres as it was known to the Greeks had existed as early as the Bronze Age, it was not until the increased competition between the Diadochid kingdoms which sprang up after Alexander's demise in Babylon, that there would be increased demand for more powerful warships to project power in the Mediterranean.

In the western Mediterranean, however, the "Five" remained the backbone of the Carthaginian (and much later, the Roman) fleets. A "five" would be around 45 m long, displace around 100 tonnes, be some 5 m wide at water level, and have its deck standing ca. 3 m above sea level.