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  • Technologically advanced nation, good research capabilities, resulting in better units, advanced navy and siege components


  • Poor cavalry units
  • Somewhat difficult early game.

In vanilla Rise of Nations, the Greeks are known for one thing -— out-teching others from the Ancient Age onward, and the Pergamenes are no exception. Pergamene power lies in several areas — its highly advanced culture as well as its variegated army, particularly its mercenary hosts.

Pergamon as a faction is geared towards one thing: out-teching your enemy, and getting in better units before he can do so. This is especially since the Pergamenes have the ability to raise about almost any unit type in the game - spearmen, archers, as well as javelineers and cavalry. The only problem is that in general, many of the best units available to Pergamon are mercenaries and thus costly and with glaring weaknesses, while in some areas such as cavalryy, Pergamon is somewhat deficient, meaning that as a faction it could be rather weak in the early game. Ranged cavalry raids against a Pergamene player can be very devastating, so take this to heart when playing against a Pergamene opponent.

Still, the ability to gather more Influence for cheaper overhead costs than any other faction can do so usually means that Pergamon as a faction can enjoy a very brief early game before booming in the mid-game and finally coming to dominate all and sundry at the end. This is a faction that is built not to rush, but to instead percolate and then boom — and quicker than others at that. The fact that like many Greek factions Pergamon controls many upgrades in its tech tree means that you can create a civilisation that specialises on the best practices for the best results, creating a more efficient economy. By all accounts, Wealth is important for the Pergamene empire to flourish — once the Wealth dries up, then you won't be able to recruit your awesome Celtic auxiliaries for war. Even so, the marked lack of good cavalry units, be they melee or ranged, can potentially hobble you especially if you choose to go for an offensive rush — which is not recommended for Pergamon.

Clearly, survivng the early game when rushes take place is key. So the wise Pergamene player would seek diplomacy first in all games. Working with cavalry civilisations such as Armenia or Macedon helps out greatly in the early game so that you can capitalise on your cheaper research ability in order to out-tech and out-produce your opponent. By the end of the mid-game, you should then have a sufficiently strong economy based on trade and higher production owing to your increased Commerce Caps, which can then be used either to fuel the growth of your army, or be directed towards the construction of Wonders.

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