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  • Excellent economic bonuses.
  • Early booming capability.


  • Mediocre infantry units.
  • Easily outclassed in the late game.

In Kings and Conquerors: The Hellenistic Era, the kingdom of Pontus is depicted like the Seleucids as having one foot in Greece, and another in the Persian world — playing true to her leaders' heritage, who were descended from Achaemenid satraps. Hence while Greek-style heavy spearmen form the core of Pontic infantry, Pontus has a few cards up its sleeve, in the form of Iranian-style cavalry.

For one, the ability to build economic enhancement buildings to increase the output of your Workers is a vast boon, alongside the extra upgrades that accompany them. Buildings when constructed also generate more resources than most, meaning that even with a mediocre army, you can still gather enough resources to create a vast early game army that can easily dominate more technologically enhanced enemies who lack any production abilities, such as Prussia or Maghreb.

Even so, it is still a risky game that you play — should your counter-rush fail, you will eventually be outclassed if you are unable to prevent your foe from building up their strength, especially if they are capable of saving on timber (such as the Italian States) or have a bonus in shipbuilding (Maghreb and Netherlands). Ultimately you may be better off going for an economic victory, either by going for a wonder victory or by supplying your allies with the funds and resources to keep going at the foe until victory or death.

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