Unit type
Base cost  ? Wealth Wealth
Ramping cost None
Creation time Very fast
Hit points Pathetic
Line of sight Poor
Movement speed Slow
Attack strength Laughable
Attack range None
Armour Reasonable
Population cost 1
Created at
  • Village
  • City
  • Large City
Prerequisites *y
  • z
Upgrades from  ???
Upgrades to
Available to Arverni IconBriton Icon

They accommodate plenty of supplies, a fair-sized crew, and can transport many men in comparative comfort, when weighed against lighter boats with more cramped conditions. During combat, they are large enough to fight ship-to-ship, and are strong enough to ram if necessary. Similar ships were also employed by traders due to their generous cargo holds.


Larger Celtic ships included the Pontomora, or 'Great Boats'. While not the biggest ships employed by Celts during war, they were fairly large, well-made ships with solid wood hulls. They were first employed by continental Celts, but Britons used them as well, though mainly for trade until later periods. They were a forerunner to later warships used in the British Isles, ultimately being integrated with later Viking designs. Such ships could be used to safely transport an army a great distance if needed.

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