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The Ptolemaic Egyptians have the Power of the Nile. They replace the Egyptians.

It has been more than a generation since the strategos Ptolemaïos of Macedon seized this small pocket of civilisation on the African coast, catapulting himself from the status of bureaucrat to that of demigod. Still, the price of godhood has its price — the large extent of the Egyptian kingdom attracts many rivals and the recent penchant of Egypt's new Lagid pharaohs for sex with their sisters to prevent corruption of blood certainly has not made them popular to their distant cousins to the north anymore than it has done to seal a lasting peace with the antagonistic Seleucids to the east.

Fortunately, there are reasons why it is good to be Pharaoh, if not Father Serapis himself. For one, the Egyptians are a sophisticated race whose mastery of the riches of the Nile and the Red Sea trade has made them prosperous and cultured, capable of raising more wonders without needing more manpower or urban development. At the same time, Egypt's immense wealth and population could be honed into a weapon with a Greek cutting edge, much thanks to the experiences of Pharaoh's forefathers in the service of that other demigod, Alexander the Great of Macedon. With a booming economy and an army as innumerable and relentless as the sands of the Western Desert, it would seem that Egypt is set to stand the test of time.

Faction BonusesEdit

  • Nile Delta: Can build an extra 2 farms per city, +10% Food Commerce Limit.
  • Grain Exports: Farms generate +2 wealth.
  • Experts in Farming: Start with a granary and receive Granary upgrades for free.
  • Monument Builders: Wonders cost 25% less, and you may build two per City.



  • Alexandria
  • Taposiris
  • Giza
  • Ezbet Rushdi
  • Meir
  • Akhmim
  • Sesebi
  • Amara
  • Sebua
  • Heracleopolis
  • Luxor
  • Dendera
  • Thonis
  • Naucratis
  • Buto
  • Myos Hormos
  • Bubastis
  • Tanis
  • Heliopolis
  • Karnak
  • Spermeru
  • Atfih
  • Kahun
  • Halikarnassos
  • Ptolemais
  • Memphis
  • Pi-Ramesses
  • Lisht
  • Amarna
  • Edfu
  • Elephantine
  • Asyut
  • Saqqara
  • Sais
  • Ephesseus
  • Soli


The Egyptians are used to represent the Greek city-states in Libya which were in actual history client-polities of the Ptolemaic kingdom.