Aeldary Aembaltae
(Sarmatian shock cavalry)
Unit type Shock Cavalry
Base cost 160 Food Food, 100 Wealth Wealth
Ramping cost 5 Metal Metal
Creation time 48 seconds
Hit points 330
Line of sight 4
Movement speed 36
Attack strength 50
Attack range 0-0
Armour 25
Population cost 1 Population Population
Created at Meeting House
Prerequisites none
Upgrades from none
Upgrades to
Available to Sarmatians

In those Sarmatian tribes which experience high sociopolitical organisation, the dividends thereof can sometimes result in greater material gains. More social organisation means more resources, either through taxation, trade or tribute which can then mean one thing: more resources to expend into arms and armour, as well as horses which are the very lifeblood of the Sarmatian tribes.

For this reason, chieftains with cash and goods to spend will often have a mind on raising warriors who are better equipped and better trained, for security reasons as well as prestige value. The Aeldary Aembaltae thus function as a force of knightly shock cavalry, thanks to their superior training and armour. While they're not as fast as the lighter but weaker tribal levies that can be raised by the Sarmatians, do not underestimate the value of their charge, as they can be used to defend key units from light infantry and siege weapons or literally run down opponents who get in their way.


The military strength of the Sarmatian nation was composed of cavalry, with most warriors armed with long lances, javelins,and powerful bows, but those warlords who could afford it also fielded heavy cavalry bedecked in a fearsome panoply of armour. Some warriors could afford fine metalware from the Greek west or the Persian lands, but where metal war unavailable, a scalemail cuirass formed of horses' hoofs cut into thin and polished slices which were then sewn into a leather or fabric backing would have been worn. 

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