While neither as fast nor nimble as normal skirmisher cavalry, Ramah haGamla (or Dromedary Skirmishers) are a useful mercenary unit, capable of travelling at speeds faster than infantry, and also have additional hitpoints and a slight boost to LOS and armour in comparison to their horse-mounted counterparts, and also have another ace up their sleeve: a defensive bonus against melee horse units. This makes the Ramah haGamla a very useful mercenary unit for the Nabataean, Egyptian and Sabean armies, making them useful as rush units against infantry-based factions, or to defend against melee cavalry rushes in the early game.

Like all light cavalry units, however, they are still somewhat fragile — engagements against any heavy infantry (both melee and ranged alike) are thus highly inadvisable, unless you are able to outrange them. It is possible to use Ramah haGamla to harass units such as Roman Cohors Evocata which clearly won't be able to catch up with them, but full-frontal assaults against enemy units such as the Greek Thureophoroi  will result in a bloodbath and the loss of your camels. Equally dangerous to these camel skirmishers are archers, slingers and light javelineers — the near-lack of armour for man and beast alike means that missiles can easily find their mark and kill them, especially if they outrange the Ramah haGamla's own limited missile range.

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