A former shadow of itself, the Ptolemaic Kingdom has long been racked by unrest owing to dynastic conflict within its royal family, and has fallen into the clutches of Roman control. Your task as Pharaoh is to re-assert power but it will not be easy: unlike the earlier Wolf Among Lions campaign, your capital no longer has a Supply Centre, so you will be short on troops.

Equally, owing to unrest, you also won't be able to build a Meeting House until you have reclaimed all four territories of Egypt - which if done will certainly attract the attention of Rome who happens to be your Hegemon. Once you reassert control in Cyrenaica and Western Egypt, expect Rome to come with offers of tribute to buy them off you. You can either choose to do so and perhaps concentrate on gaining control of Ethiopia and Agysimba first, or declare outright war although given Rome's vast resources this would be a very big mistake on your part.

Initial startEdit

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