Rise of the Barbaians
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The Roman imperium, now in the grip of the dictator Marius, is the main protagonist of the entire Rise of the Barbarians campaign, and in addition the conquest of its western capital based in Latium is a victory condition in addition to securing control of at least 4 regions on the map.

As a major power, the Roman Republic controls the following regions:

Roman Icon

Initial startEdit

  • Territories covered: (note that Caesalpinia has been devastated by Cimbri)
    • ITALIA ET GRAECIA: Only Crete is free, and Liguria and Caesalpinia has been devastated, most other areas have been captured.
    • IBERIA: only Asturia, Cantabria and Gallaecia are unoccupied.
    • AFRICA: Roman province of Africa, with the exception of say Cyrenaica.
    • ASIA MINOR: Only Ionia is under Roman control.
  • Allied: Egypt
  • Vassals: Powys
  • Enemies: Too many to count!
  • Tribute: 70
  • Bonus: 1 x Mercenaries, 2 x Transport Requisition
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