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As the supreme ruler of Iran, you now rule a consolidated empire in the eastern sector of the map, but you still have far to go before you can consolidate your entire control across the world. For one, the Bactrian kingdom to the east has collapsed to the depredations of the Sakas, who now rule a vast kingdom stretching in a strip from north to south. Dealing with them should be made a top priority in order to reconsolidate your control over your empire in anticipation of the long road west.

To your south and west, many areas have rebelled from Parthian control and are now independent, the most important being Mesopotamia. Although your former hegemon and enemy the Seleucids are weakened, they may yet regain your strength. Defeating the rebels thus must be made a top priority once the Saka are contained or forced to accept peace

Further west, the Roman imperium, now in the grip of the dictator Marius, is the main protagonist of the entire Rise of the Barbarians campaign, and in addition the conquest of its western capital based in Latium is a victory condition in addition to securing control of at least 4 regions on the map.

Parthian Icon

CtW objectivesEdit

  • Conquer Latium
  • Seize control of four different regions.

Secondary objectiveEdit

Conquer Mesopotamia.

Initial startEdit

  • Territories covered:
    • Asia Major :– Hyrcania (capital, level 5); Parthia (level 5); Maedia (level 3); Adiabene (level 1), Gerrha (level 1)
  • SatrapArmenians
  • Enemies: Sakas
  • Tribute: 70
  • Bonus: 1 x Mercenaries, 2 x Transport Requisition.


Instead of Nisa, the Parthian capital is called Mithridakert.

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