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In Rise of the Barbarians, the Suebi position is much easier to play than in The Wolf Among Lions thanks to the Suebi's control of vast swathes of Europe. The only issue then for the Suebi would be how to survive in a world dominated by Rome. Although Rome is in a massive pickle to the south, there are several factions around on the campaign map which simply cannot be ignored - like the Getae, the Britons, and the Aedui as well as other barbarian cultures such as the Sarmatians, the Lugii and the Iazyges.

Of these, however, the Aedui, the Lugii and the Sarmatians pose the biggest threat, simply because of the vast amount of land that they control (not to mention the many Supply Centres under their control) and the Aedui alliance with Rome. It is thus imperative for the Suebi player to come to terms with these threats, either by diplomacy or by force outright in order to break into Rome and begin building a new Germanic empire.

Initial startEdit

  • Territories held:
  • Suebia (capital), Paeninsula Silandiae
  • Herminonia:
    • Pagus Silengorum ()
    • Pagus Rugiorum ()
    • Pagus Saxonorum ()
  • Tribute: 50
  • Bonus: 1 x Letter of Marque
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