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The Romans have the Power of the Republic. They replace the Turks.

Professing themselves to be the very sons of Mars, the Romans are proud of their claimed ancestry to the god of war, and perhaps have every right to do so. Having raised themselves from a swampy backwater on the Tiber estuary to become the terror of the Etruscans and the southern barbarians, Rome now stands on the cusp of great things. The Greeks, once united under the Argead aegis, are now splintered asunder by the ambitions of the Diadochi, even as their western borders are now threatened by the Carthaginians. Rome could profit from the mistakes of the old powermongers, but it will take an iron hand and a heart of stone to raise this shantytown to the status of world power.

In-game, the Romans are known for their military savvy. With a military structure which can be dramatically altered twice in each game and the ability to absorb and assimilate their foes like a carpet absorbing wine, the Romans are a dangerous foe and a powerhouse to reckon with as long as they are not cut down early. Face down your foes with courage and skill, and all that they hold dear will be yours for the taking.

Faction BonusesEdit

  • Siege Experts: All siege units have +3 range and +3 Line-of-Sight. Receive 2 siege weapons for free whenever a new Siege Factory is built.
  • Romanisation: Conquered cities assimilate 200% faster.
  • Citizenship: Citizens 33% cheaper.
  • Expansionism: Military research at the library is 33% cheaper.




  • In the Imperivm Invictvm campaign, the Romans are relabelled as the "Gens Julii", but retain the same units. Their tech tree is also shared with that of the Roman Republic (later retitled "Optimates") which however has the same faction bonuses as the Chremonidian League.
  • The name of Tarracina is spelled "Terracina" in The Hellenistic Era 0.1, however, this was fixed in The Hellenistic Era 0.11.