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The Sabaeans have the Power of Commerce.

At the edge of the Erythraean Sea live the Sabaeans, a race of tribes given in to trade and warfare, made rich through their access to faraway Africa and the riches of the Orient, as well as a valuable good which even the gods desire: incense. as a people given to trade, it is no secret that the Sabaeans can whip up a fleet at top speed if need be by press-ganging ships into their service, and by using their foreign connections can be quickly converted into a working war economy whereso required.

However, their distance from the rest of the known world has ensured that none of the military traditions of the more advanced and seasoned civilisations of the Mediterranean have been adopted by them, leaving them open to conquest if any of the powers of the north desire to seize the trade routes they have operated for generations. In that case, it will take a muqarrib of exceptional cunning and stature to weld the hitherto disunited Sabaeans into a proper war machine to resist the coming storm.

National bonusesEdit

  • Economic Adepts: Commerce research 33% cheaper
  • Exotica Entrepot: Start with a Market and 4 free Merchants
  • Arabia Felix: For every 100 of a resource in your treasury beyond starting level, receive +5 income for that resource. This income can exceed your Commerce Cap by 100.
  • Privateering: Receive two Light Ships whenever a New Dock is built.


  • Waqahil
  • Yathi-Amar
  • Samahu-Ali
  • Yadail
  • Karibil
  • Dhamar-Ali
  • Shammar
  • Ya'qrub


  • Marib
  • Qarnawu
  • Ḥaḑramawt
  • Yathill
  • Dedan
  • Muza
  • Mayfa'a
  • Zifar
  • Qatabān
  • Harran
  • Gerrha
  • Azal
  • Shabwa
  • Shammar
  • Timnah
  • Aden
  • Najran
  • Ma'in
  • Haram
  • Qana
  • Sohar