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Available UnitsEdit

[1] – Starting Unit
[2] – Requires Level 1 Reforms
[3] – Requires Level 2 Reforms

Peasant Dwellings/Tower HouseEdit

  • Skirmisher Levy
  • Qadub (urban spear militia, only possible with Populism)
  • Slingers
  • Qeshate => Gunud haQeshaten (urban archer militia, only possible with Populism)

(Tower House is available only if you research Patronage)



Meeting HouseEdit


  • Farasin Tostiya (elite spears)
  • Giborei haMele'h (Arab heavy javelin men, only if Patronage was researched)


  • Pilei Ya'ar [requires level 4 Military)

  • Muharibun haFleqa (axe infantry)
  • Gunud haMadnakha (East Coast Spearmen)
  • Araboi [1]


Special buildingsEdit

  • Tower house
  • Mahram Bilqis (wonder)


The Sabaeans cannot build the Noble Residence.

Available UpgradesEdit

  1. Fort:— all except
    • T2
    • FedCastrum
    • Forts3Castrum
  2. Watchtower:— all except
    • Bulaggna Attrition
    • Vasa Attrition
  3. Temple:— all except
    • Factores Wealth
    • Rel1
    • Rel2
  4. Assembly:— all except:
    • Inf5 Krateia
  5. Granary:— all except:
    • Latif Food
    • Aqued Food
    • Adv
    • Chir
  6. Sawmill:— all except:
    • Copp Timber
    • Prefabs Timber
  7. Smelter:— all except:
    • Hushhush, Metal
    • Supply2 Supply
    • Supply3 Supply

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