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Seleucid Icon


  • Powerful early-game units
  • Large unit variety
  • Able to expand quickly


  • Army outdated in the late-game
  • Expensive units

Most Seleucid units are endowed with high hitpoints and attack, meaning that they are well-suited towards receiving a rush. The cheaper cost of recruiting infantry as well as the speed bonus which they all receive means that the Seleucid faction is very well-suited towards raiding and counter-raiding, since speedy infantry backed up by hardened cavalry can mean the difference between a city reinforced or defeat. Additionally, the militaristic traits of the Seleucid faction also allows for quicker and faster teching up of units, as long as there are resources available.

Culture-wise, the Seleucids are highly expansionist, being capable of building cheaper cities - as well as an extra one as well once the first level of Civics research, Government, has been researched. This means that the Seleucids can expand more rapidly, being capable of constructing newer settlements to increase food production and economic growth (thanks to its higher pop cap as well). This economic boost tied in with your rapid expansion can be a useful tactic to use against more slower factions like the Carthaginians or the Pergamenes (who have fairly little in the way of economic cultural bonuses), or can be used to hamstring expansive opponents such as the Armenians or the Sarmatians by building cities to deny them access to resources. Once you have your opponents cornered, then you can send in your toughened infantry and cavalry who should be able to rout your foes, leaving the path to their capital — and victory — clear for you.

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