(Macedonian Officer Infantry)
Taxiarchos icon
Unit type Officer
Base cost 40 Food Food, 120 Wealth Wealth, 60 Metal Metal
Ramping cost 6 Wealth Wealth
Creation time 40 seconds
Hit points 150
Line of sight 8
Movement speed 24
Attack strength 44
Attack range 0-0
Armour 30
Population cost 1 Population Population
Created at Fort
Prerequisites none
Upgrades from none
Upgrades to none
Available to Ptolemaic IconSeleucid IconBactrian IconMacedon Icon
Bosporan IconPontic IconArmenian IconParthian Icon
Epirote IconPergamene IconChremonidian League IconAchaean League Icon
Getae IconCarthaginian IconSarmatian Icon

The Taxiarchos was an officer in the Greek and Macedonian armies. In the syntagma, the basic unit in the Macedonian pike phalanx, the Taxiarchos commanded 8 files, equating to 128 men in total.


  • Has all normal Officer powers (armor increase, special abilities).
  • + 1 range and + 1 Line-of-Sight to all ranged and siege units in his radius.
  • + 1 attack to all siege units in his radius.
  • + 1 armor to all units in his radius.


The icon of the Taxiarchos is actually based on figurine depicting a macedonian bronze shield phalangite during 200-168 BC.


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