The Wolf Among Lions A Tale of Two Kings
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The Achaean League has a problematic starting position bcause it is surrounded by two hostile nations: Macedon to the north, and the Chremonidian city-states in the south, as well as an unfriendly Epeiros to the north-west. The Achaeans may choose either to forcibly admit the Chremonidian League into their own, or assist them in resisting Macedonian rule. Either way, the island of Krete is of tantamount importance for both factions. Because it provides the only extra army in the entire region, any faction which is able to seize it will have a greater advantage at conquest and defence. As Krete is linked to the other parts of Hellas, capturing it is a must. It is worthy to note that while the Chremonidean League is forever hostile to you, Macedon can be bought off, but will not offer an alliance unless it loses Attike to a revolt.

Ultimately the best strategy for all factions might not be to fight wars against their larger northern neighbours but to expand out into Africa or Asia Minor, although this may antagonise many other factions, besides leaving them open to attack from the Seleucids or the Egyptians. In any case, the Achaean League may have a harder time trying to survive, unless it could somehow eliminate one of the other Greek states in the region. The Achaean League on the other hand like Epeiros can choose to stay at home, or push out into the sea and hopefully into Africa itself before the Egyptians do.

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CtW objectivesEdit

Claim control of

Eliminate or subjugate the following:

Initial startEdit

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