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The Armenia of the Wolf Among Lions starts off as a satrap of the Seleucids. This means that while they can declare war they can't make peace or make alliances either.

The task facing the Armenians isn't a very easy one. Not only do you need to hold all of Asia but you also need to ensure that your average foritification score is at least 6 in order to win. This is not helped by the fact that unlike Parthia, you are totally surrounded by potential enemies — the Seleucid juggernaut is just south of you, while there are Greeks and Greeks all around you, ranging from Pontus who is your neighbour all the way to the distant Pergamenese to the west and the Bactrians and Parthians due east. It will be no easy task trying to survive, as if you focus your attention on one direction, others may just move in from others.

The first thing you might need to do would be to seize Scythia and Atropatene before others move in. Scythia is just north of you and has a supply centre and also provides tribute and slaves. Once Atrpatene is captured, you will have taken the region of Transcaucasia and will receive a moderate tribute boost. From there there are two possible choices — the first is to seize the region of Euxinia for yourself — the Cimmerian Bosporans are the best target because they are diplomatically and politically isolated, and can be taken out. Another riskier strategy is to go after Pergamon, although this is not recommended because Pergamon is far away and fairly rich, and the gates of the Taurus may have been sealed by your Pontic neighbours, who are also Seleucid satraps like you.

In any case you will soon have to go to war against the Seleucids. Note, however, that an invasion of the Seleucid empire will automatically cause all existing satraps of the Seleucids to declare war on you, so you need to be careful. Once the capital falls, then you will receive both tribute and territories, although it would then mean that you might have to deal with Egypt, which has territories in Syria and its own Nabataean satraps to deal with, but Egypt is a long way off unless they somehow managed to flag more territories than were expected. Diplomacy may be vital in the long run if you are able to engage in it, and can be used to buy time if you are being flanked everywhere.

Armenian Icon

CtW objectivesEdit

Conquer the following regions:

Obtain an average fortification score of 6 or higher across all territories.

Secondary objectiveEdit

Initial startEdit

  • Territories: Hayasdan (level 3, capital)
  • Hegemon: Seleucids
  • Tribute: 50
  • Bonus: 2 x Political dissidents
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