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The Bactrian campaign in The Wolf among Lions will be about seeking independence and then eliminating the two main threats to Bactria: the Parthians who are fairly close on Bactria's southeastern borders, and the Seleucids controlling Karmania to the south, stalling any chance of quick unification of Drangiana.

The first task you need to do as Bactria is to take out Khwarzmish as quickly as possible. This serves two things: the first is to provide a supply centre for your armies, and the second is to keep the Parthians and Seleucids out of Arianna. If left to their own devices, the Parthians may grow and become too powerful for Bactria to handle. The best way forward for the Bactrians might be to ally with the Parthians, and then use the Parthians to take over other neighbouring territories.

Ultimately, however, you will need to find some way of escaping from the confines of Asia and to expand westwards if you are to achieve your hegemonic goals. Fortunately for you the Seleucids serve you as a hegemon, however as a satrapy of the Seleucids you are restricted in your diplomatic options and the Seleucids will continuously vampirise part of your tribute income. You will need to find some way to either make use of them or to keep them out when the time comes. Wait for the Seleucid armies to depart to Egypt, and then either destroy Parthia or "liberate" the Seleucid territories of Verkhana and Gordiana to bolster your troops.

Bactrian Icon

CtW objectivesEdit

Claim control of

Eliminate or subjugate the following:

Secondary objectiveEdit

Secure Arianna before the Parthians expand into the region.

Initial startEdit

  • Territories: Baktra (level 4, capital)
  • Hegemon: Seleucids
  • Tribute: 100
  • Bonus: 1 x Elephant Brigade
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