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Although the Bosporan starting position, right at the edge of the known world and surrounded by the Pontic and Sarmatian factions, seems hopeless, do not underestimate the potential strengths of their location. From this small enclave on the shores of Lake Maeotis, it is easier to expand south and west across the campaign map, as opposed to having to fend against one attack after another from all directions, like that of its Chremonidean allies in Greece.

As a Bosporan player, you should pay attention to two areas which are potentially ideal for expansion — Asia Major, to the east, and lower Sarmatia, to your west. Of your three neighbours, pay attention to the Sarmatians — although they may be expansionist, they are always eager for allies and can be easily persuaded by you to become an ally if you pay them enough tribute. You could then use your armies to follow the Sarmatians to perform quick overruns of territory, Be wary of Pontus, however, for they have plans for the complete subjugation of the entire region, so you should always be on guard against them. Seize the territory of Scythia directly to your east before Pontus does, so you can then send the army either against Pontus itself, or westwards into Europe.

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CtW objectivesEdit

Claim control of

Eliminate or subjugate the following:

Initial startEdit

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