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Because of so much empty territory around them, the Britons are more than capable of becoming a major power in the region. Not only is Britannia itself rich with natural resource, it is also fairly well-populated, meaning that you can gather a fair amount of tribute by unifying all British regions, and at the same time you are also isolated from the machinations of other factions until you are strong enough to push through.

The first order of business is uniting Britania Inferior or Lower Britannia under your control. The neighbouring territory of Corieltauvia should be where you make your first state visit — once Corieltauvia is taken, then you will have two armies and you can overrun Britannia Superior.

Some might argue however, why not Albion et Iernae first? the answer is this: the Suebi and the Arverni. Although Britannia is very isolated from the rest of Europa and has plenty of room to expand, the odds however aren't stacked in your favour. If any faction unites Celtica and Belgica you may be in deep trouble — access Europa may be blocked, and your adversaries on the mainland may well arm themselves with their supplies and resources against you. Historically, the pacification of Gaul (Aquitania, Celtica and Belgica) was a precursor to Roman domination of Britannia — so you are well advised to seize a toehold on the European mainland first before you are pushed out. The fact that the lands of the Germanic Nervii and Chauci are accessible from your capital doesn't help either so while you may want to unify Britannia, you may need to consider acquiring these two territories to prevent a Suebi incursion. The Arverni to the south however may be of use, notwithstanding their expansionist ambitions — they may prove a vital friend against Suebic (and possibly Roman) aggression.

The Suebi have the best starting position with lots and lots of supplies; should they overrun all of Europa and the emptier lands of Sarmatia to the east, your position will be threatened and winning will be much harder. Alternatively, you can conquer all the way into Germania, and let the Suebi do the dirty work of accumulating tribute — once they are sufficiently huge, you may then send an army to take out their capital, ensuring an added bonus from uniting their territories which may allow you to win the game.

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