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The Chremonidean League has a problematic starting position bcause it is sandwiched between many rival powers, most notably the Macedonians and Epeirotes to the north, and the hostile Achaean League to the south. The delicate political alignments of the Chremonidean League pose interesting challenges and opportunities alike. Although the League is at war against the Achaean League, it is at peace with Macedon and Epirus to the north, but has strained relations with the Macedonians, while Epirus is mostly indifferent to it, preferring to go after the Romans. Even so, the small size of the League and the divided nature of its territores means that completing the game as the Achaean League — eliminating all Greek factions and regaining control of the Greeks of Italy and Greece itself — is in itself a very daunting challenge.

Peace is troublesome for the Chremonidean League because Attike, dominated by Athens, is planning a revolt — the Athenians are planning to revolt from the Macedonians by the 3rd turn. If it is ungarrisoned, it will instantly appeal to you for help in organising a revolt, which will then result in Attike going over to your side if Macedonia didn't place any armies in the territory. Should you accept the alliance, it will permanently lock in Democracy for your civilisation, and result in a declaration of war from Macedonia and a new alliance forming between them and the Achaean League. While one benefit from this is that the Egyptians will then offer to ally with you on the next turn, the proximity of Macedonia means that it might be nigh impossible for you to benefit from their alliance, although the Egyptians will happily give you 2 Bonus cards for your use. Egypt aside, the other faction willing to form an alliance with you is Rome but the somewhat precarious position of Rome makes it unlikely to survive long enough to be of any use to you.

Chremonidian League Icon

CtW objectivesEdit

Claim control of

Eliminate or subjugate the following:

Secondary objectiveEdit

Anticipate a rebellion in Attike and form an allaince with another faction, preferably Egypt.

Initial startEdit

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