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The distance between the many factions of the Greek peninsula as well as their relations with one another are amongst some of the least enviable spots on the map, as they are well crowded against one another. Although Macedon and Epirus are tasked with taking out the whole of Greece, you should not always start off a war with your neighbours down south that soon.

Unlike Macedon which is confronted by Greek factions from the south and the east, the Epirotes have no such geostrategic restrictions, which may make for an easier campaign. Expansion to the north and to the west into Italia and Illyria must be made a top priority, with your first task being the extinction of the Carthaginians and the Romans — of which, the Romans may be the stronger faction and are more dangerous due to your proximity to them. Even so, it is best that you concentrate on consolidating your position in Megale Hellas, first by seizing all three portions of Sicilia for yourself. The pesky Carthaginians control both Melita and Ziz, and if not removed from Sicilia, they may prove to be a bigger threat. Moreover, control of Ziz will leave the way open either to capture Carthage itself, or expand westwards, into Iberia and Gaul.

Whichever path you take, allow your Macedonian neighbours to secure your borders. Do keep an eye on your neighbours to the south, for they may choose to try and seize your lands if there are none left into which to expand. Expansion into Aitolia, while seemingly useful, actually brings few benefits, and may result in further conflict 

As an AI player, the Epirotes do not attack other Hellenistic factions, and are more interested in conquest of Italia, Magna Graecia and Sarmatia.

Epirote Icon

CtW objectivesEdit

Gather 1,000 tribute.
Claim control of

Secondary objectivesEdit

  • Eliminate the Romans before they become a major threat.
  • Liquidate Carthaginian control of Ziz.

Initial startEdit

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