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Iran is split between the Parthians (who control, naturally, Parthava) and the Seleucids who maintain a presence in Verkhana. It will not be a simple matter for the Parthians — who are satraps and pay tribute to the Seleucids — to break out of this straitjacket, given the fact that Persia has only one supply centre, and that has been taken over by the Seleucids. Parthia is thus one of the harder factions to play in The Wolf among Lions CtW, with almost no access to supplies and a dwindling stock of tribute.

The first thing that Parthia may need to do would be to seize the territory of Khwarzmish to the north. Taking Khwarzmish will swell your armies as well as your stock of tribute, and the Bandits card obtained there can be sold off ... although it might be wiser to hold on to it to weaken either the Baktrians .... or better still, the Seleucids .... when the time comes. Additionally, this will forestall any chances of Baktria from becoming a threat to you later on when the time comes for war. The next task, depending on how Baktria played out, would be to seize either Sugh to the north or Fars to the south. Both are rich with rare resources which can be vital for your war effort. An alternate path is to Karmania to take out Arachosia although it might be possible that by the time that happens the Baktrians may have beaten you to Arachosia and its valuable supply centre.

Use your tribute to buy territories if you can, the conquest of all Asia forms part of your hegemonic goals — try to buy land in the west while taking out what scraps of it you can in the east. Syria is of vital importance, because it allows access to Glass which will grant extra tribute as long as you can keep most of the world from declaring war on you. If you have managed to do this, however, you should then be sufficiently large enough to dispose of the two Hellenistic factions hemming you in. Remember that like you, Baktria is a satrapy and can only declare war, not form alliances, so choose your targets carefully if you feel like taking out the factions around you.

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CtW objectivesEdit

Conquer the following regions:

Obtain an average fortification score of 6 or higher across all territories.

Initial startEdit

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