The Parthian events are scripted based on its interactions with other factions.Satraps


Only Parthia can convert Satraps, and there are only 5 factions which can be converted, those being:

  • Nabataea
  • Sabaea
  • Armenia
  • Bactria
  • Sarmatians

The satraps are formed if these territories had more territory than Parthia proper, and are formed whenever Parthia seizes their capitals.

Expanding the empireEdit

Once Parthia conquers 25% of the map, a popup will appear suggesting on how to deal with expansion of the empire:

  • Centralise rule: Satraps are all destroyed and subsumed into your empire for a cool 200 tribute.
  • Maintain the status quo: 3 Cultural Dominance cards are put into your deck.

Saka invasionEdit

If the Bactrians are alive and exist as a Satrap, the Saka invasion will take place. The Bactrians will be converted into a vassal and you will have to manage the defence of the Bactrians against the Saka for a period of time. If you fail to do so, the Bactrian vassal will rebel and convert itself into Sakastan, with an army similar to the Bosporan kingdom.

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