The Wolf Among Lions A Tale of Two Kings
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Any bid for power by the Pergamenes must begin with one step: the conquest of Thrake to the west. The armies raised there are ideal for helping overruns on your third turn once they are brought into Anatolia. As you also have a Letter of Marque card, it would be wise to use it against a faction with a high amount of Tribute, most notably the Seleucids or the Egyptians.

Anatolia is the home of the Pergamenes in the Wolf among Lions, and should rightfully become its sphere of influence. This would not be easy however — the Egyptians have managed to wrest control of Cyprus and Cilicia and the Seleucids Cappadocia in the chaos following Alexander's departure, so getting them to relinquish these territories might be troublesome. Given how much tribute can be gained from buying off Cilicia, it is questionable whether peaceful means are idea for taking it. Overruns are also out of the question, due to Ionia's somewhat isolated location with the Euxine Sea to the north and the Ionian to the south-west, meaning that overruns can't really take place — and the paucity of land means that by the time your armies are in a position to perform overruns, other factions will have snapped up what remaining barbarian territories there are in Anatolia.

It might thus be wise to create alliances with the many powers who flank your potential rivals, particularly those outside of the Greek or the Asian world. The best would be Rome, who would eventually be involved in bloody conflict with the Macedonians and Epeirotes. Other wise choices include the Chremonidean and Achaean Leagues, for very much the same reasons as well, even though it might be better to go for the Chremonideans once the revolt in Athens takes place, given their proximity to your lands. Even so, look to your own interests: in order to win you must ensure that all other Greek factions cease to exist as independent nations.

Pergamene Icon

CtW objectivesEdit

Claim control of

Eliminate or subjugate the following:

Initial startEdit

  • Territories:Ionia (capital, level 4, Slave Emporion)
  • AlliedSeleucids
  • Tribute: 50
  • Bonus: 1 x Letter of Marque
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