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As undisputed overlord of Egypt, you rule over some of the most prosperous territories of the world, and also have the most tribute as well. Not only do you rule over Egypt itself, but you also have control over Cyprus and Judaea, forming a geographically contiguous region across the eastern Mediterranean.

Your control over Egypt guarantees you access to papyrus as well as the use of an additional army, thanks to the supply centre in your capital, Aegyptus Inferior. Although it would seem ideal for taking out all the rebel territories around you such as the free cities of Cyrenaïca, there is but one issue — the Seleucids. Although smaller, the Seleucids are roughly as powerful as you and also border your lands, thus you will be hard pressed to defend your borders from them as they seek the extinction of your dynasty. The same can be said of the Greek kingdoms of Euxinia and Anatolia who share no love of the Diadochi ... or for each other, for that matter. Additionally, you must watch your Carthaginian allies warily, for they too have ambitions to rule all of the Mediterranean. The Greeks of the north still rankle from the loss of their independence and will not take to having another king to rule all of Greece if Macedon should be eliminated somehow. Pergamon is an ally of the Seleucids, but they are open to vassalisation. Ideally, ou should use your wealth to buy them over instead and turn them into a client state to unify Anatolia, gaining more tribute as well as Pergamon's army along the way, given how bereft of Supply Centres you will be in Asia Minor.

At home, you will face some issues, especially with regards to your relations with your native subjects. At different intervals you will be requested to perform certain missions, ie increase the fortification level of your territories, or make payments for certain projects. Failure to do so may result in the native Egyptian populace going over to the enemy, or worse, denying you troops, interfering with your ability to conduct CtW battles and so forth.

All told, however, Carthage is still your best ally if they can be prevented from turning on you, although there are also other factions to the far north in Europe who may be of political interest to you, particularly if they could somehow pull one on the Seleucids, who will certainly remain your worst enemy unless some other faction grows to rival them in power smack right on your doorstep.

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CtW objectivesEdit

Claim control of

Eliminate or subjugate the following:

Keep your subjects from rebelling lest they deny access to troops to you.

Initial startEdit

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