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Because of their centre at the place of the game map, the Romans face both opportunities and threats. The first thing that one notices when beginning The Wolf among Lions is that the Romans are not bordered by major factions other than the Carthaginians in Tyrrhenia, and the Epirotes (who happen to be at war with the Romans, and have occupied the strategic territory of Messapia and Bruttium). Unlike the faction to the east or in Iberia which are cramped against one another, however,  Rome has a large space of free territory which can be annexed into its empire.

Rome will need supplies, and so cutting the Epirote supply lines should be your first target. Once the Epirotes have been driven off Italiansoil, the Romans then face two choices — either to invade the north and take the suppkly Centre at Liguria, or to take the war eastwards into Illyricum for tribute. The first is a highly aggressive option as Rome should have access to the Alps and its vital supply centres and foster its own expanion, while the second one is more defensive as it allows Rome to keep Epeiros — the main Hellenic faction it may be fighting from the beginning — from further spreading into Italy, but this may leave Rome open to attack, most notably from the Arverni who if left alone to their devices may expand southwards. An alliance with Carthage and any Greek factions willing to join your cause against Epeiros may be best required in order to keep the Carthaginians and the Epirotes fighting one another for Rome to prevail over them in time.

As an AI faction, the Romans are open to alliance with any faction, but will invariably refuse to form alliances with any faction controlling Italia. That will however not stop them from breaking their alliances as they consolidate their Empire — once they have full control of Italia, they will then set their sights on Iberia and then move on towards Hellas.

Roman Icon

CtW objectivesEdit

Gather 1,000 tribute.
Claim control of

Initial startEdit

  • Territories:
  • Enemies: Epirotes
  • Tribute: 20
  • Bonus: 1 x Population boom, 1 x Food boom, 1 x Metal boom
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