List of scripted events.

Punic WarEdit

  • Triggers with flagging all of the Italian mainland: Latium Novum, Cisalpinia and Megale Hellas.
  • Sicilia is not flagged by Romans.

"A group of Italian adventurers called the Sons of Mars has recently raided Sicilia, but are now threatened by the Carthaginians. Fearing for the worst and seeing you as the protector of all Italia they have appealed to you for help to retake Sicila."

Help the MamertinesEdit


  • Get the [[:file:|Punic War! readout]]
  • Instantly declare war on Carthage, and flag Sirakusa.
  • Receive 1 Mercenaries and 1 Logistics.

Keep the PeaceEdit

"Due to your unwillingness to help the Sons of Mars, sedition has increased amongst the Socii of the north and south. It is said that their leaders are attempting to reach out to other nations on earth, so you should be careful."


  • Get the Barbarian Encroachment! readout
  • Rome allies with Carthage and seizes Sicilia.
  • Suebi gain control of Noricum and Mrogbonna, and 1 Treachery card.
  • If the territories of Megale Hellas and/or Cisalpinia do not have a fort level of at least 3, they will attempt to rebel, with Bruttium and Mesapeia attempting to rejoin the Greeks (either the Epirotes or Macedonians)

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