Sarmatians in The Wolf Among Lions Sarmatians in Rise of the Barbarians
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Political summaryEdit

The Sarmatian campaign of the Wolf Among Lions campaign can be said to be of medium difficulty. For one thing, the Sarmatians have a potential to become a major power in the known world thanks to their location in the corner of a map and extensive territory to the west favouring quick expansion, but the fortunes of the Sarmatian nation can be easily reversed, because it is hemmed in by three different factions. Your southern frontiers are dangerously close to both the Bosporans and the Getae. In which case, you should consider diplomacy to secure your southern borders, and expand westwards. The Bosporans are most likely to accept an alliance offer from you, but the Getae are less so, even though they are more useful if you are thinking of expanding westwards, since you can follow their armies across Sarmatia and into Europa. Which, in turn, would be easy to consider save for the fact that you lack the manpower to do so — most of it is located west in Arkynia along the borders with the Suebi.

Nevertheless, Sarmatia is in far better shape compared to most other factions such as the Greeks who are positioned suicidally close to one another. All that is really required then for the Sarmatians to rise from nomadic tribe to superpower status would be to guard your borders and to then eliminate the Suebi using your powerful cavalry, as well as your ability to corner unclaimed natural resources on the map.

CtW objectivesEdit

Collect 2,000 tribute.

Initial startEdit

  • Territories: Sarmatia (capital, level 1)
  • Tribute: 50
  • Bonus: 2 x Warpath
Sarmatian Icon
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