Thegnoz Drugule
File:Tdrug icon.jpg
Unit type Pike Infantry
Base cost
Ramping cost
Creation time
Hit points 190
Line of sight
Movement speed
Attack strength 45
Attack range 2
Armour 14
Population cost
Created at Barracks
Upgrades from none
Upgrades to Hysteroi Pezhetaioi
Available to Suebi

Thegnoz Drugule consist of the lesser noblemen of society: vassals and their underlings, who answer as the henchmen to their lord. As such, players will discover that these men are more heavily armoured, and easier to call up when the need strikes as opposed to normal shield bearers. Yet, like most sword units, they still face the same old enemies: heavy cavalry and heavy infantry, who are now being increasingly equipped with longer arms and armour which is more or less as good as theirs. Nevertheless, the Thegnoz Drugule are still fast enough on the ground to close in on archers before taking too many losses.


Warfare is almost as old as humanity, and so many societies, both past and present, are often dominated by a professional warrior elite and as such, a pool of highly trained and highly disciplined warriors can be immediately deployed whenever conflict strikes.Such men were sworn to serve their leader and thus served in the role of his (or in some cases, her) personal retainers. In Germanic society, these retainers were called thegnoz.

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