(Hellenistic Reformed Javelin Infantry)
Thureophoroi icon
Unit type Javelin Infantry
Base cost 20 Food Food, 40 Wealth Wealth, 20 Timber Timber
Ramping cost 1 Timber Timber, 2 Wealth Wealth
Creation time 11.1 seconds
Hit points 125
Line of sight 8
Movement speed 22
Attack strength 35
Attack range 0-7
Armour 8
Population cost 1 Population Population
Created at Barracks
Fortified Barracks
Prerequisites Level 1 Reforms
Upgrades from Hoplitai
Upgrades to none
Available to Seleucid IconBactrian IconBosporan IconMacedon IconEpirote IconAchaean League IconChremonidian League IconPontic IconPtolemaic Icon

The Thureophoroi are a professional javelin unit. They are highly flexible, combining the staying power and heavy armour of the Hoplitai with the mobility and ranged attack of the Peltastai. As a result, they are effective both at skirmishing and withstanding melee attacks, and they can also be damaging against armoured units because of their heavy javelins. However, they still suffer the same weakness as other javelinmen against cavalry and swordsmen.

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Historically, the Thureophoroi, named after the thureos shields they carried, were a new type of unit that appeared in the 3rd century BC. Their style of fighting was also new, mixing sturdiness with mobility. This versatility made them highly useful in battle as they could flank, exploit breaches in the enemy line, and reinforce weak parts of their own line. However they were never used to their potential, with Hellenistic commanders preferring to rely on the cumbersome pike phalanx.


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