(Hellenistic Levy Archers)
Toxotai icon
Unit type Archers
Base cost 20 Food Food, 10 Wealth Wealth, 10 Timber Timber
Ramping cost 1 Wealth Wealth, 1 Timber Timber
Creation time 12 seconds
Hit points 20
Line of sight 11
Movement speed 32
Attack strength 26
Attack range 8-19
Armour 0
Population cost 1 Population Population
Created at Peasant Dwellings
Prerequisites none
Upgrades from none
Upgrades to none
Available to Macedonians
Achaean League
Chremonidean League (Athenian tech tree)
Ptolemaic Egyptians

The Toxotai are cheap, unarmoured levy archers. They are able to soften and disrupt enemy formations with their ceaseless hails of arrows, but their lack of expertise and their inferior weapons (self bows as opposed to Eastern-style composite bows used by professional troops) leave them unable to do any decisive damage against armoured foes. Furthermore they have no armour and little health, so they should not be expected to survive any melee encounter.


Historically, the Toxotai were the third unit of the psiloi, and were usually shepherds. While they had much experience in using their bows to protect their sheep, their skill in battle was vastly inferior to archers from other lands. This meant that the Hellenistic states often relied on Skythian, Cretan and eastern mercenaries, whilst the Greek Toxotai remained insignificant.


  • Toxotai is English transcription of the Greek τοξόται which means "archers".


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