Toxotai Syriakoi
Unit type Archers
Base cost
Ramping cost
Creation time
Hit points
Line of sight
Movement speed
Attack strength
Attack range
Population cost
Created at Barracks
Fortified Barracks
Upgrades from none
Upgrades to none
Available to Seleucids

Design Ideas

Stats and characteristics:

No idea. Needs balancing evaluation in regard to the other Seleucid units.


Recommend to reuse the exact same skin used by the Sagittarii Syrorum in order to speed things up for the current release, also the model is suitable for a placeholder. There could be some changes in future patches.


Historically, the toxotai syriakoi came from Syria, an area with strong archery traditions. Once the Successor states could access these eastern archers, they recruited them in large numbers.

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