Buildings that need reworking:

  • Meeting house
  • Tower
  • Fort (Broch) - done
  • Stable
  • Village
  • Town (dun)
  • Granary

Celtiberian design:

Celtiberian and Carthaginian buildings resemble one another, however Carthaginian buildings have a more finished appearance. If Celtic buildings have undressed stone, Celtiberian ones have a sandstone finish, while Carthaginian ones are dressed. Elite Celtiberian ones have a stone base, ie "Galician style".

  • Meeting house -
  • Tower - similar to Celtic, but is covered with sandstone.
  • Fort (Broch) - this is a square tower with a central keep.
  • Stable - uses the Celtic design. Just recycle.
  • Village - no roundhouse, only square.
  • Town (dun) - no rounded podium, the walls are angular as are the buildings.
  • Granary


Carthage shares many buildings with the Celtiberi, except:

  • Civic Centre (uses the same as Egypt, reskinned)
  • Assembly (uses the same as Egypt, reskinned)
  • City
  • Small City
  • Fort
  • Tower
  • Meeting House (is based off the old Parthian palace)
  • Granary

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