New workflow:

We concentrate on offering the public three versions - priority one is to create a steam-friendly plugin version that is to serve as the basis for the Workshop version. However we will be maintaining the use of the old gold version for testing purposes.

What do we need to do now?

  • Prioritise producing the Afro-Arab and Iberian factions first, to test the simplified unit order.
  • Insert siege machines
  • Check the viability of Age of Darkness' L39 Lahti which is projected to become the base for the oxybeles/scorpio.
  • Use Blender to mint the new oxybeles and scorpio, and any other siege machines -- make sure you do not rotate more than 45deg to avoid distortions.


Omit: Super7700's convoluted hierarchy of units, instead there will be:

  • Spear levy, warriors
  • Slingers, 
  • Skirmisher levy, raiders
  • Bowmen

What's the difference?

  • Slingers - usually low-tier cheap infantry, armed with slings. Not very strong but armour-piercing, highly effective versus ranged units and pike units. The Greeks and Iberians however get good slinger - so do not touch any pre-existing units.
  • Spear levy, warriors - spear levy are found mostly in Roman and Eastern armies. Warriors however are found in barbarian armies, owing to their culture. The old roman rorarii needs to have its armour stripped down and replaced with stronger attack to form Warriors, who ought to use the Iroquois bonusesw.
  • skirmisher levy - these are essentially the leves of the Romans. The Greeks, Carthaginians and Eastern factions also ge3t them. However, raiders are tougher,, faster and stronger, albiet slower to train. They are used primarily by barbarian factions. Maybe make it so that the raiders can use the Bantu bonuses.


If we were to replace Machine Guns with the Oxybeles, it would result in a bug where it would be untrainable, if BOWMEN were replaced. We must recheck super7700's original coding and then make a decision - do we want the Oxybeles to have the same pack rate as a Ballista, or a lower one albeit at the expense of possibly another unit slot?

My biggest fear is that we will be sufferieng anotuer round of freezes and EXCEPTION errors.

I haven't tried this yet but couldn't you avoid this problem just by editing craftules and finding the pack and deploy entries that apply to the machine gun and make those apply to the oxybeles instead? And then use a normal siege entry in unitrules for the oxybeles? -- Super7700 (talk) 09:27, May 13, 2017 (UTC)

Other details

  • Name: "Deitas Bellorum"
  • Spear levy, slinger levy, javelin levy, club levy (these are all standard units)


  • Sci 7: Surveyors
  • Fort 1: Reserve caches
  • For 2: Military Regionalisation
  • Fort 3: Circuit Walls
  • Tax 1: Suzerainty
  • Tax 2: Direct taxation
  • Tax 3: Contractual factorship - change the icon for this one!


  1. Census
  2. Recruitment
  3. Mercenaries
  4. Physical Conditioning
  5. Professional Corps
  6. Leadership
  7. Strategic Reserves
  8. Grand Strategy

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