Theatre Stadium
Roman Yes Yes
Greek Yes Yes
Eastern Yes, Greek Yes, Zurkhaneh
Punic None Wrestling ring
Egypt Yes, Greek Wrestling ring/senet house - which one? both?
Arverni, Getae Yes, Greek Maypole ring
Germans, Suebi No Maypole ring


To do

  • Implement all existing skins for buildings, units, and the like. Leave no stone unturned.
  • Update tech tree for a more sympathetic and "Age of Empires"-y way of gameplay.
  • Check and test all unit sprites.
  • Test new units and skins for Rise of the Moderns and Age of Darkness.
  • Liaise with Super7700 et al on Scorpion design.

So far

  • Chinese spear units are ready (Qing, Republican and Communist)
  • Lo'hanim are nearing completion; one is finished, another is pending.

All that is required:

  • Minoan spears
  • Egyptian spears
  • Babylonian spears
  • Chinese spears (hmmmm)
  • Gamiri spears