(Roman Reformed Levy Javelin Infantry)
Velites icon
Unit type Javelin Infantry
Base cost 20 Food Food, 10 Wealth Wealth,

10 Timber Timber

Ramping cost 1 Wealth Wealth, 1 Timber Timber
Creation time 6.9 seconds
Hit points 70
Line of sight 11
Movement speed 34
Attack strength 25
Attack range 6-11
Armour 2
Population cost Population
Created at Peasant Dwellings
Prerequisites Level 1 Reforms
Upgrades from Leves
Upgrades to Cohors Iaculatores
Available to Romans

The Velites are the lightest units of the Polybian army. Like the Camillan Leves, these lightly-armoured javelineers are best used for skirmishing, as they will be quickly slaughtered if the enemy reaches them. They are distinguishable by the animal skins they were on their heads.


Historically, the Velites were too young or too poor to fight as Hastati. They served the same function as the earlier Leves, harassing the enemy before withdrawing behind the heavy infantry.