Spears india
Unit type Spear Infantry
Base cost 20 Food Food,

10 Metal Metal

Ramping cost 1 Wealth Wealth
Creation time 5.3 seconds
Hit points 110
Line of sight 6
Movement speed 24
Attack strength 20
Attack range 0-0
Armour 2
Population cost 1 Population Population
Created at Peasant Dwellings
Prerequisites none
Upgrades from none
Upgrades to Vigiles for Romans
Available to Arverni IconBriton IconArmenian Icon

What separates soldiers from 'Warriors', despite them being seasoned and experienced fighting men, is the intensity of the role they play, as well as the recruitment costs thereof. A soldier may be committed to an indefinite length of tenure as well as the prospects of being duly paid, whereas a warrior may have none of these things. Even so, Warriors are not your usual "throwaway" unit. These consist of men hardened by years and years of frequent conflict into adept fighters and while they don't sport the combat readiness of true military professionals, Warriors are still capable of making a massive dent in the enemy ranks, but suffer from the usual deficiencies associated with non-professional fighters — lack of good armour and poor discipline, making them far slower and weaker than Hoplites, and perhaps far more vulnerable than they normally would be versus missile units, especially outside of their native territory where they tend to move more slowly.

Nevertheless, where the Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans have the best weapons and armour, these spearfighters have the advantage of experience with them, and are thus highly proficient especially if pitted against enemy light cavalry. Their cost, as well as the increased speed at which they strike targets means that all told, they are passable units when used en masse and can be relied on to swarm more advanced units, numbers willing. Just don't expect them to hold up against super units however — massed pikemen, heavy cavalry or even war elephants can easily roll up their lines in a matter of minutes. Wherever you find yourself using Warriors, always remember that they are best used as a defensive force, for they tend to move more slowly outside of your National Borders. Conversely, if you are finding yourself fighting these primitive yet proficient units, always try to lure them out of their native homeland, where they will be easier to out-run if not out-rush.


Ostensibly this is one of the few units to have culture-specific unit icons.