Unit type Super-light ship
Base cost  ? Wealth Wealth
Ramping cost None
Creation time Very fast
Hit points Laughable
Line of sight Poor
Movement speed Rather slow
Attack strength Feeble
Attack range None
Armour Insignificant
Population cost 1
Created at
  • Village
  • City
  • Large City
Prerequisites Meeting House:
  • Patronage
  • Offensive Doctrine
Upgrades from Citizen
Upgrades to
Available to Suebi Icon

This is a naval unit consisting of two war boats, which are the most basic and rudimentary of all naval units in Kings & Conquerors. Understandably, it has the exact same range as the lowly Jugunthiz, except that it is far more inaccurate, and has an even lower rate of fire due to its inability to host enough marines on board. Xorixeulōm


The design of the Xorixeulōm is based on the Hjortspringbaden boat from around 350BCE which, along with purposely destroyed swords and other arms and items found in a South Danish peat bog, were sacrificed to an unknown god. The 19 meter longboat was built of one bottom plank and 2 pairs of side planks. Each plank that was sewn together, had rows of hewn-out cleats to which the elegant combined frames and seats were tied. The stem and stern was cut from a single piece of wood. Just like all other Germanic boats, this too was not equipped with sails. Some of the designs featured in this boat however can also be seen in much later craft, like the Nydam boat or even Norse ships of the Middle Ages.

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